A partner within the Guest App is the airline that Guestlogix has agreed to provide service to across the platform (SDK, White label, or APIs)


The entity that represents an end customer of the catalog exposed by the SDK.


Suppliers are the services Guestlogix has sought after to provide purchasable content within the Guest App. Examples of a suppliers are SimpleNight, Livn, and Tiqets.


The vendor is the experience provider for an event/item offered by the supplier. An example of a vendor is the Royal Ontario Museum.


A Payment Strategy that involves purchasing admission to some form of event. See Payments


A Payment Strategy that involves purchasing a time independent good. See Payments

Gross price

The price a traveler pays for an experience can be distributed either Gross or Net. Gross commission is split among the airline, experience supplier, and Guestlogix. The commission price is generally established by the supplier. There is a transaction fee that goes to Stripe.

Net price

The price a traveler pays for an experience can be distributed either Gross or Net. Net includes a markup price that is split among the airline and Guestlogix. The mark up is set by Guestlogix. There is a transaction fee that goes to Stripe and the experience supplier.


The device the traveler installed the application on


Description and relationship to others


This is the overall collection of things that can be browsed through and bought by Traveler or Crew Member. The items in the catalogue are enabled via Management Console.


This is a specific item that can be seen in the catalogue and purchased. Its details are viewed on its detail page. It can be purchased individually or in combination with other items. The types of items include: experience item (e.g. stuff provided through Simplenight), flight service item (e.g. jump the line, upgrade seat, etc), Buy on Board item (e.g. sandwich, blanket, etc).

Experience item

This is a catalogue item. These pertain to the between flights or before/after flight activities that a Traveler or Crew Member might want to do. There are 7 types: tours, activities, dining, shows, nightlife, car service, hotel food and board. There might be 1 more type coming up: parking (this is TBD). Each type has its own attributes necessary to be captured at the time of placement into shopping cart or when the item is being put into wishlist or into journey. The types have a priority we are working on them in and each one has its own user story in waffle backlog.


This is specifically referring to one flight done by traveller on one plane, e.g. from Toronto to London. It could be one of the many legs in the journey that the Traveller will do. We'll be able to help Traveller construct their overall journey through the concept of journey where they would be able to specify how many legs they'll be doing. E.g. Toronto To London, London to Paris. or Toronto to London, London to Paris, Paris to London, London to Toronto. Return trip or one way.

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