An overview of the Travel Personalization Platform.

Platform Overview

Guestlogix provides a platform for airlines to optimize ancillary revenues and increase traveler loyalty throughout the entire journey. The Travel Personalization Platform leverages machine learning and AI to provide travellers with highly personalized offers from within an airline’s existing mobile app. The company’s approach to the travel experience transforms how airlines provide value to their passengers and empowers them to become better retailers. While Guestlogix’s roots were in onboard retail and payments, the new platform streamlines the management of offers for ancillary revenue teams and enables them to provide travellers with the products and services they are looking for at every phase of their journey, from planning through to the end of their trip.

The platform is offered via API, iOS and Android SDKs A web based Management Console supports all 3 giving configuration, support, reporting, and analytic insights to your business.


The documentation is grouped by the stakeholders for which Guestlogix has developed tooling. All stakeholders are serviced from a common backend, however the resources and actions vary between them. This tooling is predominately comprised of RESTful APIs and Mobile SDKs. The stakeholders outlined are:

  1. Partner - See Overview

  2. Traveler - See Overview


Should tooling for an end user need to be built outside of the scope of the native mobile SDKs, requests directly to the RESTful API may be made. They will require the same API Key that is used to initialize the SDKs. Not surprisingly, the SDKs ultimately wrap these APIs.

There are two distinct APIs

  • Traveler API - This represents all resources and actions that an end user of the SDK would need. Functionality such as browsing a catalog, making orders or viewing flights.

  • Partner API- This represents global company level tooling that an administrator of an SDK implementation may need. The Management Console provides a user interface for this, however sometimes it's useful to be able to programatically administer the tool via the API directly.

Mobile SDKs

Guestlogix's offerings are made available by implementing native iOS and Android SDKs. For class level developer documentation see Android Reference, and iOS Reference.


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